Every Indie Developed App Has A Story Behind It.

Indie developers don't usually make apps for the same reasons that big companies and VC funded ventures do. We generally make them to scratch a particular itch, or solve a problem we see that we feel we have a good, and often unique, solution to. We also sometimes just want to make a good game or puzzle, simply for the fun of the project. The goal of this podcast is to bring you, the listener, these interesting backstories behind the apps made by independent developers. Sometimes the episodes will be deep dives into the code, technical challenges, and/or data structures of the apps. Other times the episodes will be more focused on the human interest side of the story behind the apps. I generally like to let the developers decide what parts of the story they feel is most important to tell. The show, when taken as a whole, should have something for all listeners to enjoy.

I developed the idea for App Story as a result of frustration from trying to get PR attention for my app. I realized that there were many other indies out there struggling to get their apps noticed too. I decided I would try and build the platform for others, that I felt I wanted access to and didn't have. Being a long time podcast fan, I decided podcasting was the perfect medium for me to do this with. The thing I've grown to enjoy the most about this project is getting to interact regularly with the other developers. There just aren't that many in the small rural community where I live. The show has been generally well received and I plan to continue doing it for as long as there is developer interest in appearing and listener interest in hearing it. 

If you are a listener new to the show, jump into the Archive and check out some episodes. You may discover a new app you'll like, or find the story for one of your favorite apps is already there. If you're an indie developer and you're interested in telling your app's story on the show, click here and tell me about it. Feel free to provide any other comments or feedback to me or the show on Twitter.

About Me

Relaxing on Ocracoke Island, NC. The Outer Banks of North Carolina is my favorite vacation spot.

Relaxing on Ocracoke Island, NC. The Outer Banks of North Carolina is my favorite vacation spot.

My name is Vic Hudson. I am an independent developer located in the state of Kentucky, in the US. I have been a tech and programming enthusiast since saving basic programs to a cassette tape on an Atari computer as a kid. Most of my development training was self taught as a hobby, although I do have an as of yet unfinished Degree in Computer Science that I hope to complete someday.

I have dabbled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, C++, Visual Basic, and Objective C. I once created a private website like IMDB, for my own video collection, as an exercise to learn about relational databases. I also once contributed an extension to the CSS+JavaScript based project iUI, for making websites that behave like native iOS apps. My extension allowed for flexibly configuring toolbar and navbar buttons to behave like their native iOS counterparts. I currently have one app, Money Pilot, in the iOS App Store, and a few other projects in the works. I hope to one day open source some of the things I've made to bring these projects to life and give a little back to the community.

I also have a full time non tech related job, although it has given me the opportunity to make some great macro enabled spreadsheets for myself and others in the company to use. In my spare time I usually listen to podcasts, binge watch TV shows on Netflix, and spend time with my wife and family. I also like to spend time on twitter and reading from the web via RSS. I'm always on the look out for good dev tutorials and resources to learn new and interesting stuff.